Tonsser Club Ranking

The Tonsser Club Ranking provides you with a quick overview of the national football clubs and their work with youth. Ranking the different clubs on their youth departments and the philosophies behind them

How does the rating work?

Tonsser Rating

The combined average of the clubs’ rating in the five parameters


The clubs ability to have teams in the nationals best and second best U14-U19 youth levels (0.0 = 0 teams, 10 = 10 teams)

Match Performance

The clubs’ performances for the season across all their youth teams (0.0 = 0 Point Average, 10 = 3 Point Average)

Home Grown

The percentage of players in the first team that are home grown (0.0 = 0%, 10 = 100%)

Youth National Team

The clubs’ ability to coach players who end up playing for the youth national teams (U16, U17, U18, U19, U21)

Average Age

The clubs’ use of youth. The average age of the club’s first team (0.0 = 30+ years, 10 = -20 years)