July 3, 2023

Tonsser and Eredivisie Media & Marketing Agree 5-Year Partnership to Launch Tonsser and Empower Youth Players in The Netherlands


Peter Holm


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Amsterdam, The Netherlands - July 3, 2023

Tonsser and Eredivisie Media Marketing (EMM), are happy to announce a pioneering 5-year partnership between the leading youth football app and the joint venture of The Walt Disney Company, Eredivisie and KNVB.

The strategic collaboration is a significant innovation milestone in the football landscape, bringing together the expertise and philosophy of Tonsser with EMM’s owned network ESPN to build a united and empowering community for the next generation of footballers and create opportunities for youth players across all levels in The Netherlands

Popular Platform

With more than 1.7 million young football players on the app, Tonsser is a popular platform and especially well-adopted in countries like France, Switzerland and England. The app allows players to capture their performances and videos, engage with teammates, prepare for opponents, compete for rankings and awards and access opportunities with clubs and academies. The Tonsser app will be linking to the Voetbal.nl app, and will be provided with an official football data feed to provide the best experience for youth players and the most accurate data output for the player community, coaches, clubs and scouts. 

Tonsser United

Players using the Tonsser app can through their registered performances on the app also be selected for different experiential and aspirational opportunities. Among these are Tonsser United; a new type of football club that Tonsser has created to give opportunities to grassroot and unsigned players to play for Tonsser United teams, attend trials and showcases. More than 2000 youth players, selected from data on the app, have played for Tonsser United and played matches against established clubs like PSG, Fulham and Lyon, and up to 25% of the participating players per event have been on trials or signed afterwards. One of these players is Merlin Röhl who attended a trial with FC Ingolstadt 04, was signed for the club afterwards and now this year he debuted for SC Freiburg in the Bundesliga after joining the club for EUR 3 million. 

Empower youth players

The EMM and Tonsser partnership centers around a long term vision to empower youth players, create a more connected youth ecosystem and create new motivation for teenagers to start and keep playing football. ESPN will support and power the Tonsser app and community including co-creating player opportunities, educational experiences and inspiring storytelling. Always from the interest of creating better and more motivating conditions for young football players to keep practicing the sport. 


Marco de Ruiter, on behalf of Management Board of Eredivisie Media Marketing]: "With the launch of Tonsser in the Netherlands we are bringing a unique platform for a new generation of fans and players to enjoy. Dreams and aspirations are where it all begins and Tonsser will help to further encourage and develop each player’s talent. With ESPN we’ll be able to create unique content and give youth football a new opportunity to showcase their performance. And by doing so, create added value to organized Dutch football as a whole "

Peter Holm, Co-founder and CO-CEO of Tonsser:
"We are thrilled to join forces with EMM and contribute to create better conditions for young footballers in The Netherlands. By leveraging our platform's capabilities and working hand-in-hand with EMM and its partners, we are excited to unlock new pathways for aspiring players and elevate the already great Dutch youth football ecosystem to new heights. I would like to thank the forward-thinking teams at EMM for believing in Tonsser and taking important leadership to power youth football innovation."

About Eredivisie Media & Marketing

Founded in 2008, Eredivisie Media & Marketing (EMM) is a joint venture of The Walt Disney Company (51%), Eredivisie CV (44,1%) and KNVB (4,9%). EMM is the commercial body exploiting the collective media and sponsorship rights of the Eredivisie clubs. It is its mission to make Dutch football available to as big an audience as possible, with ESPN as its flagship to ignite the fan in all of us.

About Tonsser:

Tonsser is a leading sports technology platform empowering young footballers to unlock their potential. The app and digital ecosystem connects and engages players, clubs, coaches and scouts via data, video and opportunities. Tonsser helps players build their profile, compare, get recognition and take their game to a new level. 

Working with clubs and leading blue chip brands (adidas, Nike, Unisport and many more), Tonsser aims at connecting communities and building transformative projects with leading-edge football brands.

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